Tips for making Zoom a pleasant
experience for all attendees

Many people are suffering from Zoom Fatigue and it's no wonder. Often the meetings and webinars are horrible to watch and are frustrating for interactive participants.

When joining a meeting, please consider the following guidelines. Priority order:

  1. Mute your microphone when not speaking
  2. Proper lighting, in front of you, not behind
  3. Position the camera at eye level
  4. Look directly at the camera when speaking
  5. Use a headset or earbuds that include a microphone
  6. Zoom Virtual Background feature is preferred
  7. Chose a pleasant background if no Virtual
  8. Enter the meeting early and check your environment
  9. Participate with video, not audio only
  10. Appropriate dress

Go to Zoom's video tutorials & learn its features

If we all follow these guidelines our online Zoom experiences will be MUCH more pleasant for everyone involved.  Online protocol and etiquette will improve over time, but let's start now.  Thanks!