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Oregon Aviation Industries

Summit 2022

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Friday, April 22, 2022 
Columbia Aviation Association
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Electric Aircraft Are Coming!
Electric Aircraft
Electric and Hybrid aircraft in the 2-place to 9-place size will soon be joining the general aviation fleet. The Pipistrel Velis electric trainer was certified in Europe in 2020 and the company was recently purchased by Textron / Cessna. The Bye eFlyer 2 is completing FAA Part 23 certification and is expected to be in the air within the next year.  Will our airports be ready to support them?

PDF copies or the presentations are available below

Kimley-Horn - David Williams, Aviation Consultant
WSDOT Aviation - David Fleckenstein, Director & Max Platts, Planning
Bye Aerospace - George Bye, CEO
Ampaire - Brice Nzeukou, Director
Kinect Air - Jonathan Evens, CEO
Electro.Aero - Richard Charlton, CEO