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Navigating Aviation Economic Development in Oregon

Electric engine powered aircraft will soon be joining the general aviation fleet

Oregon should develop airport infrastructure plans that provide for electric aircraft charging and support.

2-seat electric aircraft have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and are currently in use as training aircraft. More than two hundred 2-seat to 10-seat electric and hybrid aircraft designs are currently in the development and certification stages by manufacturers around the globe.

ODOT recently published a needs analysis for infrastructure support of electric road vehicles. (TEINA) Studies and plans need to also be developed to support electrically powered aircraft as these new generation aircraft begin operating at Oregonís 97 public-use airports over the next 3 to 5 years.

ORAVI proposes the following for your consideration:

  • Create an Electric Aircraft Working Group comprised of all stakeholders
  • Request federal and state funds for electric aviation studies
  • Create legislation to support the advancement of sustainable electric aircraft
  • Add an electrical knowledgeable staff position to the Department of Aviation
  • Identify selected airports for electric aircraft beta test
  •  Encourage airport master plans to include electric aircraft infrastructure

Washington State has developed a model which may be of assistance in creating a plan for Oregon.

Electric aircraft will provide significant environmental benefits including zero-emissions and lower noise levels. And, with their much lower cost of operation, electric aircraft will provide the possibility for affordable regional and rural on-demand flights for our citizens, businesses, legislators, and government agencies to utilize the timesaving benefits of air transportation across our state.


2021 Status of the aviation fuel tax bill
Passed House & Senate as of June 25, 2021

HB 2434
.  Aviation fuel tax continues at 3 cents/gal jet and 11 cents/gal avgas to create funding.
 Provides for equitable distribution of grants for FAA matches, airport improvements, safety, economic development and support for rural air service

6/17/2021 House passed House vote 53 to 6
Senate passed vote 24 to 4
Governor signed the bill

YouTube video of Oregon Business Plan's October 8, 2020 Aviation Cluster Meeting / Annual Summit online

Oregon Aviation Industries (ORAVI) is a membership organization that is focused on economic development for the 400+ aviation related businesses in Oregon and the surrounding region.    

Our 100+ members work together to drive the aviation economy forward by increasing traded-sector revenues, influencing aviation beneficial legislation, creating jobs and producing quality products and services that are sold worldwide.  Working together, our members make a positive economic development impact in Oregon and the region.

Oregon companies are leaders in Kit Aircraft, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Worldwide Heavy Lift helicopter operations, Avionics, Aircraft and parts manufacturing and general and commercial operations and maintenance.  And we are connected with many of the 97 public use airports in Oregon.

Oregon Aviation Industries is the Aviation Cluster group of the Oregon Business Council and the Oregon Business Plan  We work very closely with the Oregon Department of Aviation, the Oregon Aviation Board, Business Oregon Economic Development, Oregon Airport Managers Association and we are members of the the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, Gorge Technology Alliance, Technology Association of Oregon, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition and the Oregon Economic Development Association.

We conduct quarterly online meetings at member companies which feature facility tours and panels of experts.  Topics include workforce development, light sport aircraft, capital access, airport funding, rural air service, community relations and unmanned aircraft systems and test sites.  These meetings offer excellent networking and contacts in addition to the panel topics and discussions. 

In 2015 our major initiative was to submit and work with the aviation community on passing Oregon House Bill HB 2075. The bill was to increase aviation fuel tax by two cents per gallon, the first increase in fifty years.  It passed the House and Senate by a 90% margin and was signed by Governor Kate Brown on 7/20/2015.  It brought $20 million over six years for aviation infrastructure, safety, rural air service, grant matches and economic development. Details    We are now working to continue the benefits of this bill by supporting legislation that will continue its funding.

Each fall ORAVI holds an annual Summit which draws 100+ aviation businesses, government and aviation leaders, economic development officials and legislators. 

Members attend ORAVI meetings at reduced charge and are included in regular informational emails, newsletters and networking events.  We encourage all of the 400+ aviation related companies in the region to join our organization. There is strength in numbers.  "We Fly Higher Together".          

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